Facebook’s Election Ad Ban Takes Effect

Facebook's Election Ad Ban Takes Effect

(ConservativeInsider.org) – As Election Day approaches, both President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden continue to run ads in order to get every last vote possible. But, as of Tuesday, October 27, Facebook will not allow new political ad purchases on its site.

Facebook will ban “new issue, electoral or political ads” until 11:59 PM on November 3. In addition, “all ads about social issues, elections and politics” will be removed from the site beginning at midnight on November 4. Ads will likely resume once the winner is officially announced, which could come multiple days after election night.

The social media giant says it will do this to “increase ad transparency and election integrity” on its platforms. The ad bans have received push back from both sides, as demonstrated by Biden’s Digital Director Rob Flaherty who got frustrated with a pre-approved ad disappearing from the site:

Millions of Americans scroll their Facebook and Instagram feeds every day, and many get their news from these platforms. However, as big tech companies take more and more control over what their users see, their platforms are becoming increasingly curated. While disinformation is not helpful, censorship is even worse.

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