Fact-Checkers Catch Joe Biden Telling Fake Story for 6th Time This Year

Fact-Checkers Catch Joe Biden Telling Fake Story for 5th Time This Year

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Right now, the United States is facing inflation, an ongoing pandemic, and a multitude of supply chain shortages. Overseas, countries like Russia and China are becoming more aggressive towards US allies, heightening tension in the eastern hemisphere. At such a time, it’s vital that American leaders are clear, bold, and brave. Yet, citizens just saw President Joe Biden tell a false story for the sixth time this year, taking any credibility he might have had left and throwing it aside.

Amtrak Joe at it Again

President Biden is currently the oldest president at 79 years old. While he and his administration emphasize that his mental acuity is as good as ever, his repetitive and false Amtrak story seems to tell a different tale. Biden began telling this anecdote during his campaign in 2020, but repeated it six times this year alone.

While Biden has delivered multiple renditions of this story with various timelines, it always centers around Amtrak conductor Angelo Negri, who passed away in April 2014. According to the version Biden told on Wednesday, December 8 in Kansas City, Missouri, Negri walked up to him one day, called him “Joey baby,” and grabbed his cheek before talking with him over how many miles he has traveled on Amtrak compared to Air Force Two.

Negri apparently told Biden he rode over 1,200,000 miles on the infamous trains. Yet, even the far-left CNN has fact-checked Biden on this and found most variations of this tale impossible for various reasons. This year, Biden has told different renditions of this story to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, during a NJ Transit maintenance facility meeting in Kearny, NJ, and in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, among other places.

How Many Lies Must Americans Hear?

While Biden is traveling around trying to advertise his infrastructure bill, he’s simply just telling Americans the same old untrue story about his life. Yet, this is not too surprising given the fact he dropped out of the 1988 Democratic presidential primary after allegations of plagiarism during his time in law school came to light. Perhaps falsehoods and exaggeration are simply a part of who he is.

With the 2022 midterms on the horizon, President Biden is not doing his party any favors showing off his mental decline with this tale. Right now, honesty and integrity are critical to rebuilding trust and keeping our nation strong. Yet, Biden is failing to show enough signs of promoting such values.

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