Famous Leftist Calls for Segregation, But “Dilbert” Comic Writer Was Cancelled for Saying Same Thing

Famous Leftist Calls for Segregation, But

(ConservativeInsider.org) – American author and cartoonist Scott Adams created the “Dilbert” comic strip that ran in newspapers for decades. However, at the end of February, he made some comments during a talk on YouTube that many people deemed as racist, which resulted in multiple major newspapers and outlets dropping his cartoon creation. He believes the cancellation took away around 80% of his income. Now, popular progressive author Robin DiAngelo has made similar comments to those of Adams — but is not facing the same fate.

Adams Talks Segregation

On Wednesday, February 22, Adams was talking about a Rasmussen Reports survey on his YouTube channel when he noted 26% of the poll’s Black respondents disagreed with the ambiguous sentence, “It’s OK to be white.” On top of that, another 21% said they were unsure of the statement. The cartoonist went on to say those numbers mean “nearly half of all Blacks are not OK with white people” and, therefore, are “a hate group.” He also noted he doesn’t “want anything to do with them.”

These comments are what caused the immense backlash against Adams. A few days later, he tried to calm the storm by saying he was speaking in hyperbole.

Robin DiAngelo Also Calls for a Separation of Sorts

New York Times Bestseller Robin DiAngelo, who penned the book “White Fragility” was speaking during a webinar on March 1 titled “Racial Justice: The Next Frontier” when she suggested putting some distance between White and Black communities. She noted her support of “affinity space” and “affinity work” and remarked that she thinks “people of color need to get away from white people and have some community with each other.”

Pastor and Army veteran Darrell Harrison, who is Black, shared his opinion of DiAngelo’s suggestion on Twitter:

Compare and Contrast

While Adams did call for a separation between White and Black people in his video, he has since clarified it was hyperbole and used the lesson to warn of the current political climate in our nation that seems to be advocating for segregation. While some people believe DiAngelo’s words were similar to those of Adams, others say her talk actually confirmed Adam’s theory that the Left is pushing for segregation again.

This is controversial because Adams lost his livelihood over his comments, yet DiAngelo makes her salary based on her remarks. With intense topics such as racism, segregation, and how to live with the incredible diversity that America holds, it is vital to keep an open mind and a high level of respect as people of every skin color engage in these difficult discussions.

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