Fashion Icon Tom Ford Says Woke Culture Is Killing Style

Fashion Icon Tom Ford Says Woke Culture Is Killing Style

( – People around the world know fashion designer Tom Ford for leading the Gucci brand as its creative director from 1994 until 2005. The style icon has seen fashions come and go over the years, and even created trends himself. However, he recently highlighted that the current “woke” culture is making it harder than ever to design clothes.

In an exclusive interview with The Guardian, Ford told writer Karen Dacre that everyone, especially woke media, has an “obsession with political correctness” that’s killing style. He noted that “cancel culture inhibits design” by locking creatives “into a set of rules.” Ford emphasized he used to be able to use his clothes to “celebrate other cultures,” but that’s now considered cultural appropriation.

One US veteran shared his own point of view on the situation:

The fashion industry is not the only industry where this is taking place. Comedians David Spade and Dave Chappelle have also both lashed out against cancel culture as it tries to censor their work if they say something slightly off-center about race, gender, or values. Looking deeper into this, woke culture could even be affecting everyday interactions in society, as no one is ever quite sure what someone else deems offensive these days.

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