FBI Orders Search of Center for COVID Control Headquarters

FBI Orders Search of Center for COVID Control Headquarters

(ConservativeInsider.org) – When COVID-19 overtook America, the demand for test kits and personal protective equipment skyrocketed. While some companies profited from this simply because of their industry, other entrepreneurs sought to make millions off the new demand. Now, the FBI is looking into a nationwide testing company for multiple fraud charges.

In recent months, serial entrepreneur Akbar Ali Qyed and his wife Aleya Siyaj posted about their financial success on social media, highlighting their new $1.36 million mansion and two Lamborghinis. Many people questioned how the couple, who owns the Center for COVID Control, attained so much wealth. The company has over 300 COVID-19 testing locations dispersed through at least 26 states. However, reports of sketchy practices at centers run by this business and their production of false test results have drawn investigators to look into possible corruption in the company.

On Saturday, January 22, the FBI searched the Center for COVID Control’s headquarters in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. USA Today’s Grace Hauck shared more about the raid:

The federal government has given the company at least $124 million in reimbursements to help cover the testing. Now, law enforcement is trying to figure out just where that money went.

Hopefully, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies will figure out what happened here, and if the couple profited illegally off of the American people and the federal government.

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