FBI Was Hacked to Send Fake Emails Out as Official Notices

FBI Was Hacked to Send Fake Emails Out as Official Notices

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The security of government servers and emails is of the utmost importance as official information about national security and such is quickly disseminated through it in various forms. So, when hackers took advantage of a security hole in the FBI’s email servers this past weekend, many Americans raised alarm at the security issue, emphasizing the incident could have been much worse.

On Saturday, November 13, hackers sent out fake emails from an @ic.fbi.gov email account, the server used by the FBI, to state and local law enforcement agencies. As soon as officials saw the issue, the FBI took the hardware offline until they resolved the issue. The following day, the agency detailed that there was a “software misconfiguration” that allowed hackers to access the FBI’s Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) infrastructure.

The FBI first alerted the public to the news on Twitter:

This time, the emails only warned of a cyberattack. However, there could be serious ramifications if the hacker chose to send out something able to cause nationwide panic, like a terrorist threat. With this, it’s vital that the US government tighten its cybersecurity as the world’s best hackers would love to cause panic if they could.

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