Federal HUSH MONEY Reported – Top Investigator Blows The Whistle!

Federal Hush Money Reported by Top Republican

Federal Hush Money Reported by Top Republican

(ConservativeInsider.org) – With the GOP on the cusp of taking back the majority in the US House of Representatives, the party is gathering to pick the leaders for the next term in Congress. Among those will likely be James Comer (R-KY), who may become chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, as he is already the ranking member. If this occurs, he is set to track down trillions of dollars in COVID funding, some of which he believes could be hush money paid to private scientists.

During a Monday, November 14 interview with “Just the News, No Noise,” Comer disclosed his investigators had obtained numerous emails from early 2020 showing Dr. Anthony Fauci warned scientists about the virus having potentially leaked from the Wuhan lab. He also knew the government had funded a private group called EcoHealth, despite it being uncompliant with its grant reporting and having participated in gain-of-function research using coronaviruses.

Comer detailed how Fauci used his position to steer the national narrative of COVID, which, in turn, allowed him to move money where he wanted.

If Comer rises to the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, he plans to issue subpoenas to many people, from Dr. Fauci to Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden. He told Just The News that he isn’t sure everyday citizens understand “how much corruption” is in the current leadership of our nation, but if he gets the chance, he hopes to uncover it.

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