Female Athletes Form Resistance to Trans People in Sports

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The thorny issue of biological men competing in women’s sports is compelling female athletes to take a stand against the radical trans ideology that they say, with some justification, is resulting in an unfair disadvantage for them. There have been numerous examples of previously mediocre, biologically male athletes who have magically been transformed into superstars after they declared themselves to be female and therefore eligible to compete in women’s sports.

This has been compounded by the stubborn refusal of sporting regulatory bodies to ignore the obvious unfairness that is right under their noses, and to pretend that a biological male can become a woman just by identifying as one. This trend for wokeness, political correctness and virtue-signalling at the expense of biological women is now being challenged by female athletes who have had enough.

The latest athlete to stand up is Selina Soule, a champion in track and field events who is suing the state of Connecticut after she endured a series of defeats by biological males in high school. The Connecticut Association of Schools has ruled that students who declare themselves to be transgender can participate in sports that are commensurate with their preferred gender, however Soule’s lawsuit alleges that such a policy violates Title IX of state law.

Soule has appeared on national TV and radio to plead for solidarity in her pursuit for fairness in women’s sports, saying that everyone who has encountered similar issues needs to stand up and be counted. Far too many women, who are champions in their own right in their chosen sports, have been pushed out or have decided to retire because of the grossly unfair situation that has been created by the legions of aggressive transgender activists who threaten and intimidate weak-minded officials, she said.

She quoted the case of 25-year-old Hannah Arensman, a cyclocross national champion who decided to retire from her sport in disgust after losing to a biological male in the last season’s women’s championships.

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