Feminist Icon Faces Years in Prison for Comments on Biological Males

Feminist Icon Faces Years In Prison For Comments On Biological Males

Feminist Icon Faces YEARS In Prison – This Is Her Alleged Crime

(ConservativeInsider.org) – For years, Norway’s Christina Ellingsen fought for women’s rights in partnership with the group Women’s Declaration International (WDI), which lobbies in support of sex-based protections rather than rights based on gender identity. However, Ellingsen is now facing up to three years in prison for her words under Norway’s new hate speech laws.

Norway prosecutors are investigating Ellingsen for tweets she made in 2021 about Christine Marie Jentoft, a biological male who identifies as a woman, mother, and lesbian, and represents Foreningen FRI, a trans activist group. The feminist allegedly called Jentoft out for the belief that a male could be a lesbian, saying that such a configuration was actually a form of “conversion therapy.”

However, Norway passed a new hate crime law in January 2021, making it a crime to criticize someone’s gender ideology. So, Ellingsen could face prison time for her words.

In a country with a hostile “woke” government, it is quite telling that a well-known feminist was still willing to speak out against a trans person in order to protect women. But, Ellingsen is not only taking flack from the government for her words, but also from Amnesty International of Norway, which said she was harassing Jentoft. At a time when Progressives are constantly trying to redefine the word “woman,” it is important as ever for people to hear just what a biological woman is — and to protect the right of anyone to express an opinion.

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