Feminist Leader Says Biden Has Launched “Nazification” of Public Discourse

Feminist Leader Says Biden Has Launched

(ConservativeInsider.org) – America’s push back against censorship typically comes from the right side of the aisle. However, during an interview on Eat the Press with host Steve Malzberg, one bold, left-wing feminist called out President Joe Biden and the mainstream media for censoring Americans and “otherizing” people with differing opinions on the COVID-19 vaccination.

On Sunday, January 23, Dr. Naomi Wolf spoke with Malzberg about her growing concern with Biden’s overreaching censorship, especially when it comes to pressuring Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccine. She went so far as to say Biden is “clearly suffering cognitive impairment” as the president pressured media outlets and social networks to censor what he calls “misinformation” around the vaccine.

One American shared another quote from Dr. Wolf during the show:

Wolf called the government’s censorship around vaccines and their potential side effects a “totalitarian lie” that is both “incredibly disturbing” and in violation of the First Amendment. She also equated Biden’s COVID-19 policies to the “Nazification” of public discourse. Through all of this, Wolf highlighted there were multiple times throughout history where researchers ended up proving a “mainstream scientific position” incorrect and urged listeners to use caution when wading through the current coronavirus rhetoric.

While these are strong words for anyone to say, they seem to mean more coming from a progressive feminist who voted for President Biden just over a year ago.

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