Fish Are Consuming Pharmaceutical Grade Drugs, Research Finds

Fish Are Consuming Pharmaceutical Grade Drugs, Research Finds

New RESEARCH – Ocean Fish Are Eating Something Deadly

( – The number of prescription drugs seem to be a dime a dozen in the United States, with many Americans taking at least one prescription drug a day. This leaves millions of pharmaceutical pills in medicine cabinets all across the country. It also deposits vast amounts of these chemicals into waterways that fish ingest.

Florida International University recently announced a three-year study by the college and Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT). They revealed numerous pharmaceutical contaminants in fish in the Florida Keys. Researchers sampled 93 fish in South Florida and found an average of seven different drugs in each bonefish, with one specimen containing 17 different kinds of pharmaceuticals.

Lead researcher Jennifer Rehage called the results “alarming,” especially when Florida’s economy relies so heavily on its fish.

While some drugs do inevitably exit a person’s system through their waste, there are definitely best practices when it comes to disposing of extra medicine. If possible, always use a local drug take-back site or program to dispose of unused or expired medication. However, if that is not possible, the FDA recommends flushing certain drugs down the toilet and disposing of others in the trash after making them unappealing.

The real question is: with this new information, will Americans cut back on the amount of fish they are eating or find a way to minimize pharmaceuticals in the water? Only time will tell.

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