Former CIA Director Claims Jihadists Inspired by US

Former CIA Director Claims Jihadists Inspired by US

( – Ever since Americans watched President Joe Biden pull our last few troops out of Afghanistan in August, many questioned how the commander-in-chief could have executed the plan better. The chaos left an unknown number of Americans and countless Afghan allies in the Taliban-controlled nation. One former acting CIA Director highlighted that the pull-out also “absolutely inspired” terrorists all around the world.

On Sunday, September 12, former acting CIA Director Michael Morell told CBS’ Face the Nation that the US and NATO’s abrupt exit from Afghanistan will cause “jihadists all over the world” to “be inspired” and celebrate. He believes many will migrate back to Afghanistan, making it a haven for terrorists once again.

Face The Nation shared more from Morell’s interview and warnings on Twitter:

Morell is clearly concerned that Biden’s latest move overseas made the United States and our allies look weak. He also believes it’ll lead to national security threats our country currently doesn’t have a plan to handle. While Morell does paint a harrowing picture, not all Americans are quite so pessimistic. After all, the US still has the strongest military in the world and the bravest men and women ready to serve her.

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