Former Foreign Minister Says Russia Intends to Go Further Than Ukraine

Former Foreign Minister Says Russia Intends to Go Further Than Ukraine

( – With nearly any topic, it is important to get information from people close to the situation who have personal experience with the issue or problem. Fox News did just that when it spoke with former Russian official Andrei Kozyrev, who served as the country’s foreign minister from 1990 to 1996.

During the interview with Kozyrev, the diplomat emphasized Russia operates using “diplomacy of deception,” which he defined as “a talk of lies.” The former official highlighted that Russian President Vladimir Putin has “no idea of the world outside of his office in the Kremlin,” mainly because he spends most of his time strictly isolated in “his bunker under the ground.”

Kozyrev also emphasized the West should not classify Putin’s invasion of Ukraine as a “miscalculation” but as a clear attempt by Russia to restore the Soviet Union. Specifically, the diplomat warned taking back Ukraine is not Putin’s only end goal, and the West should acknowledge that.

Former CIA Clandestine Service John Sipher shared more of Kozyrev’s thoughts on this on Twitter:

While Kozyrev hasn’t served in Russia in decades, he certainly has an insider’s understanding of the country and how its leaders operate. According to him, Russia will not stop its invasion at Ukraine if it gets its way. To prevent this, Kozyrev was clear that Putin and his cabinet must acknowledge the current “international norms.”

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