Foundation’s LETTER Admits Obama Stored Classified Intel!

Letter Admits Obama Stored Classified Intel

Letter Admits Obama Stored Classified Intel

( – Politicians deal with an immense amount of paperwork, from draft speeches to proposed bills and meeting minutes. For presidents, there could be millions of these documents, some of which are classified or top-secret, that they store after they leave the White House. While President Donald Trump has recently come under fire for how he kept some of his records at Mar-A-Lago, it seems that former President Barack Obama was caught in a similar situation years ago.

A newly resurfaced letter from the Executive Director of the Obama Foundation, Robbin Cohen, to David Ferriero, the Archivist of the United States, from September 11, 2018, shows Obama kept both classified and unclassified items at a low-security warehouse in Chicago. It shows how the foundation paid $3,300,000 to the National Archives Trust Fund in order to move the presidential records from an abandoned furniture store secured only by a small security gate to a National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) facility.

This letter makes many experts wonder how Obama’s furniture warehouse in Chicago is any safer than Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate. If both presidents kept classified documents in these spaces, the rule of law — and common sense — says they should be treated similarly. However, the recent FBI raid on Trump’s Florida shows a distinct double standard.

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