Fox News Host Mocks Trump’s War Claim

( –  Donald Trump may have his faults, but there is no denying that he can pull the rabbit out of the hat in the most unexpected way when necessary. A good example would be during the nuclear sabre-rattling of North Korea a few years back, when for a while it seemed that there was nothing to stop what appeared to be an increasingly unhinged Kim Jong Un from nuking American cities.

At that time, and in defiance of the conventional wisdom that the only way out of the crisis was to nuke North Korea before they nuked us, then-President Donald Trump stepped in and brought Kim Jong Un to the negotiating table.

The very fact that Donald Trump had taken the trouble to set up the meeting and to listen to the opposing viewpoint took all the heat out of the situation and the crisis rapidly de-escalated. His critics derided him at the time, but the fact remains that nobody else apart from Donald Trump could have done that, because he saw what others couldn’t see. It transpired that the crisis had come about because of the US refusal to take Kim Jong Un and North Korea seriously.

Now Trump is again being mocked by his critics for his statement at the recent CNN Town Hall meeting, in which he said that he would end the war between Russia and Ukraine in an afternoon. Juan Williams, a host on Fox News and a political analyst, poured scorn on the notion that such an intractable problem could be addressed in any effective way by Donald Trump, ignoring the effectiveness of Trump in similar situations in the past.

Juan Williams ignores the lessons of history at his peril. To end the war between Russia and Ukraine requires negotiation and a magnitude of diplomacy that very few people possess. The smart money is on Trump doing exactly what he says he will do if he is given the opportunity.

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