Fox News Suggests That Kamala Harris Is Being Replaced

Fox News Suggests That Kamala Harris Is Being Replaced

( – It’s no secret that the approval ratings for both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been plummeting in recent months. However, to add to this burden, recent reports revealed the relationship between the two is quite tense as the Biden administration seems to be sidelining Harris. Now, Fox News believes there could even be a move to replace Harris before the situation get much worse.

On Tuesday, November 17, Fox News hosts on “The Five” discussed the possibility that the House of Representatives could confirm a new Vice President before 2024. Correspondent Chad Pergram cited an email from a Washington insider that told him to research the legislative process of installing a new vice president.

Conservative News Today shared more about this speculation:

While it would take a huge congressional vote to get Harris out of office, the Biden administration could also pressure her to step down. Impeachment is another avenue Biden could take if he truly wants her out of office, although that seems very unlikely in this situation. Installing a new vice president would take a confirmation vote by both the House and Senate, as well.

Asking the second-in-command to step down is unheard of in this nation, but that’s not to say it can’t happen. For now, this is only hearsay by Fox News, although the recent rumors surrounding Harris and her lackluster job do make it perfectly understandable that desperate Democrats would want someone new in the White House in 2022 to boost their approval ratings.

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