Franklin Graham Celebrates Trump’s Historic Accomplishments

Franklin Graham Celebrates Trump's Historic Accomplishments

( – Most Republicans have a favorite promise-kept of President Donald Trump and have good reason to hope for a second term. The praise of his supporters reaches far and wide, including Franklin Graham, son of the late evangelist Billy Graham. Franklin praised the president in a viral post on Facebook, applauding his work to protect Americans in all stages of life.

On Monday, December 14, Franklin Graham posted his celebration of Trump’s presidency thus far. Graham highlighted our president’s determination to protect the unborn, maintain law and order, and nominate Conservative judges to the Supreme Court. He was also immensely thankful for the “strongest economy in 70 years” and for President Trump’s stand against “the Swamp.”

President Trump was grateful for the kind words:

Graham stated that Trump will go down in history as “one of the great presidents of our nation” and that he has delivered “peace and prosperity to millions.” We are also immensely thankful for Trump’s devotion to our country and his fight for justice and transparency at all levels of government.

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