George Clooney Calls Out Alec Baldwin for “Rust” Shooting

George Clooney Calls Out Alec Baldwin for

( – Most people who interact with guns, even on a casual basis, understand that the first thing to do when handed a firearm is to check if it’s loaded. By following this discipline, no accidents should ever occur. However, when director Alec Baldwin failed to do that on Thursday, October 21, he shot and killed one person and wounded another. Ocean’s Eleven actor George Clooney is now scrutinizing Baldwin for the poor staffing and lack of proper protocol on the Rust set.

On Monday, November 15, WTF with Marc Maron aired a podcast with George Clooney to discuss the actor’s professional and personal mindset, his career, and his thoughts on movie set accidents involving guns. During the interview, Clooney did not mince words when he said the death of 42-year-old cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was because Baldwin made “a lot of stupid mistakes” on the low-budget western movie set.

The Hollywood Reporter shared more about Clooney’s calling out of Baldwin for his poor management:

Clooney, who has worked in the movie business for decades, said he had never heard of the safe word, “cold gun”, that Baldwin used on the set. Additionally, Clooney emphasized he checks all guns that anyone hands him to ensure they’re safe, despite the movie armorer telling him so. He went on to say that “everybody does it.”

Clooney’s dedication to gun safety likely stems in part from his friendship with actors Jon-Erik Hexum and Brandon Lee, two people who died while on movie sets over the past 40 years. Yet, Clooney made it clear that it was Baldwin, his process, and his rookie armorer that made this deadly mistake, not the gun itself. Is Clooney reflecting some common sense coming from the Hollywood elites?

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