George Soros Son Promises to Be Even More Political

( – In a move that Democrats are sure to welcome, the billionaire George Soros is handing over control of his business empire to his 37-year-old son Alexander, who has promised to continue using the family’s money to promote far-left causes.

Alexander Soros has said that he intends to be even more political than his father. He has cited gender equality, voting rights, and abortion rights among his priorities. He has also vowed to maintain his father’s “woke” agenda in the pursuit of “social justice”.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Alexander said that he was greatly concerned about the prospect of former President Donald Trump being elected in 2024 and that the Soros family would likely contribute massively to the Democrat election campaign as a result, although the fact that Joe Biden has downplayed the extent of his election campaign in 2024 suggests that the Democrats – for some unfathomable reason which is most probably completely unrelated to the persistent swirling rumours concerning election fraud – are not too worried about the likelihood of a Republican victory.

The Open Society Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded by George Soros, continues to spend around one and a half billion dollars each year, ostensibly towards setting up democracies, funding universities and advancing human rights. It is funded by Soros Fund Management, as is the Super PAC which has backed the campaign for “woke” District Attorneys who have been soft on crime – to the extent that law and order has broken down in many Democrat-run cities as criminals realise that they can now commit most crimes without fear of prosecution.

However, Alexander Soros also appears to be an unlikely champion for free speech, saying that it has become too restricted on university campuses.

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