Google Censors YouTube Video ‘Dislikes’ – Including Joe Biden’s

Google Censors YouTube Video

( – Part of the draw of social media is the immediate satisfaction of clicking, and especially receiving, a “like” button on a Tweet, Facebook post, or YouTube video. However, one of these Big Tech giants just removed a small part of the interaction by making the number of dislikes a video receives private rather than public.

On Wednesday, November 10, Google-owned YouTube announced it would no longer display dislike counts on creator’s pages and videos. The video site said it made this decision to promote “respectful interactions between viewers and creators” and “protect our creators from harassment.” YouTube emphasized the dislike button will still be available, and viewers can send private feedback to creators if they feel so inclined.

However, political commentator Paul Joseph Watson was quick to point out a likely motivator behind concealing the number of dislikes a video receives:

The like and dislike buttons on any social site should, in theory, represent people’s opinions over the topic at hand to the rest of the viewers. However, with this statement and decision, YouTube likened a simple dislike to harassment and shaming. Is this another form of Big Tech censorship and skewing public opinion for political gain, or is it truly for the betterment of the site and its users?

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