Google Program Manager Admits Election Interference in Favor of Joe Biden

Google Program Manager Admits Election Interference In Favor Of Joe Biden

( – America’s democracy runs on free and open elections. But, to ensure this, unbiased information from and about each candidate must be widely accessible to the public. Recently released video documentation from Project Veritas shows Google may be manipulating information critical to our nation’s elections and wellbeing.

Ritesh Lakhkar is a technical program manager at Google. In a recent conversation with a Project Veritas undercover journalist, he spoke about Google’s “ultra-leftist attitude” and how the Big Tech company likes “playing selective God.” He said the power held by the company leaves him feeling helpless.

James O’Keefe shared the groundbreaking video here:

Lakhkar also shared that Google’s owners and drivers can pay money to change search algorithms. This can influence search results for candidates and what the users see and read about them.

According to Project Veritas, Google may be influencing the election in support of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. This information, as well as multiple references to Google’s outsourcing of American jobs, should keep US citizens on their toes about where their news comes from and how to tell fact from fiction.

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