GOP Candidate Thinks He Can Turn Colorado Seat Red

GOP Candidate Thinks He Can Turn Colorado Seat Red

This BLUE STATE Might Finally Be In Play.

( – Joe O’Dea grew up as a police officer’s adopted kid, eventually working as a union carpenter before he finally made it to Colorado State University on a scholarship. However, graduation wasn’t in the cards for him, so he left college to start his own construction business. Now, the self-made businessman is hoping to win a US Senate in the November midterms.

The GOP is pushing hard to win back Congress this year, but that takes strategic planning in all its races. For many candidates, that looks like doubling down on typical right-wing causes like abortion bans and minimizing the federal government. While Republican Candidate Joe O’Dea does support the downsizing of the government, as a pro-choice advocate, he also supports limits on abortion after 20 weeks. He believes his consistency and straightforward platform can win him the seat among Colorado voters.

Speaking with Fox News, O’Dea outlined his platform highlights. He wants to nix many of Biden’s new spending programs, including cutting back the 87,000 new IRS agents currently set to be hired. He also wants the federal government to double down on border security to stem the tide of illicit drugs entering the country and help police precincts all across the country raise wages and benefits to ensure they have enough employees to protect their communities.

The hopeful GOP candidate thinks helping America become self-reliant when it comes to energy and fuel will also help him win the senate seat over his opponent Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO). For now, citizens must wait till November to see if O’Dea’s platform is enough to nab the seat.

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