GOP Group Launches Project to Stop Nancy Pelosi

GOP Group Launches Project to Stop Nancy Pelosi

( – Since securing their spot in the White House and Congress last year, Democrats have been trying to get their exorbitant spending bills signed into law. However, their latest $3.5-trillion infrastructure bill is getting quite a bit of pushback, especially from one conservative group that understands what uncontrolled government spending can do to inflation and taxes.

On Wednesday, September 15, Club for Growth, an anti-tax organization, announced it’ll run TV ads for one week in congressional districts where Republicans hope to take back the House seat from Democrats during the 2022 midterm elections. The ads will focus on the $3-trillion tax hikes in the proposed bill and highlight how the Democrats’ “spending spree” already “sparked record inflation.” These ads are the first phase of a $2-million campaign to fight back against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) enormous tax bill.

The organization shared an exclusive write-up from Fox Business on their announcement:

The ads will remind listeners that, while the Democrats call this bill “reconciliation,” it could cost some families up to $8,200 in taxes. Hopefully, Club for Growth will be able to get the message out about just what the Democrats’ plan could do to Americans’ paychecks and prosperity.

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