GOP Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Target Abortion Rights

GOP Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Target Abortion Rights

( – Protecting unborn children is just one of the many values at the heart of the Republican party. This week, GOP lawmakers in Tennessee fought for those lives by introducing a bill focused on securing parental rights for those with unborn children.

Republican Tennesee State Senator Mark Pody and State Representative Jerry Sexton introduced and passed the latest Tennesee pro-life bill late last week. It allows fathers of unborn children to petition for a court injunction to stop a mother from having an abortion. According to the new law, violating the injunction would allow the court to hold the mother in contempt.

The Governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee (R), was thankful for the bill as he sees through the Left’s rhetoric surrounding this issue:

Fathers are parents, too. This bill protects their parental rights and, in turn, can save countless lives where the mother may not have wanted to carry her unborn child while the father wants the baby. Hopefully, other states will take a hint from Tennessee and choose to protect those who are unable to protect themselves.

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