GOP Proposes Child Tax Credit Expansions to Cover Unborn Babies

( – Republicans, including Marco Rubio of Florida, are leading a series of bills in the House to fix the nation’s family care system. The bills, called the Providing for Life Act, are an attempt to create policy in America that would support a “culture of life.”

Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) says the bills will expand the child tax credit to take effect during pregnancy, offering additional support to pregnant mothers and unborn babies. She stated that parents need to begin providing for their children as soon as they know the mother is pregnant, and there are costs associated with pregnancy, such as pre-natal care, doctor’s appointments, stocking up on diapers and other baby needs, and searching for child care. The credit would be retroactive, meaning once a child is born, their parents can file the tax credit to apply for the previous year, when the mother was pregnant.

The bill would increase the refundable tax credit to $4,500 for children 5 and under, and $3,500 for children ages 6-17, up from the $2,000 currently provided to parents. The bill does require parents to be employed in order to get the tax credit, which is a change from previous versions of the bill.

The Democrat-led version of this act that has previously been passed, The American Family Act, has a tax credit that is worth less and does not apply to pregnant women and their unborn babies. However, the Democrat-led bill pays out the tax credit in monthly installments, whereas the Republican version only pays out once a year, at tax time. The Republican version also increases the cap for how much parents can earn in order to still be eligible for the credit.

The Republicans pushing for The Providing For Life Act have emphasized that supporting pregnant mothers is key to encouraging a pro-life culture, which supports families instead of attempting to destroy them. Sen. Rubio released a statement saying that “America’s continued strength depends on the next generation” and that supporting pregnant mothers is the “right thing to do.”

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