GOP Trusted on 7 Out of 11 Issues Among Voters

GOP Trusted on 7 Out of 11 Issues Among Voters

Republicans LEAD 7 to 4 On These 11 Issues!

( – As America watches the Biden administration struggle handling inflation, tensions with both Russia and China, mass shootings, and ongoing immigration issues, many citizens can’t help but get excited about potential changes the 2022 midterms could bring. A new poll conducted by ABC News and Ipsos shows that, on most issues, US voters prefer how the GOP would handle them over Democrats.

On August 5 and 6, researchers contacted 665 adults for the poll which has a margin of error of 4.2%. The data revealed that in seven major categories, Americans would want a Republican instead of a progressive to address the issue. These include:

  • Crime
  • The economy
  • Inflation
  • Russia-Ukraine War
  • Gas prices
  • Immigration
  • Taxes

Categories the poll found that respondents would rather Democrats work on include gun violence, abortion access, climate change, and COVID-19.

Additionally, people rated themselves on how excited they felt to vote in November. As of early August, only 35% of voters were “very enthusiastic” to head to the polls in a few months, but that number bumps up to 59% if the poll includes those who are also “somewhat enthusiastic.”

Can the GOP use Biden’s lackluster approval ratings and slow-moving Congress to gain momentum and garner excitement for the upcoming midterm election? What issues do you think they should focus on in the coming months to rally more voters?

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