Governor Pardons McCloskeys Who Defended Themselves From BLM

Governor Pardons McCloskeys Who Defended Themselves From BLM

( – One of the most beloved freedoms in the United States is a citizen’s right to own property. The right to bear arms and protect that property is just as critical to other freedoms we enjoy in this nation. In a positive move in protecting these freedoms, Missouri Governor Mike Parson (R) pardoned the McCloskeys, the St. Louis couple who were charged with felony gun crimes after protecting their home from BLM protestors last summer.

In June, Mark and Patricia McCloskey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of fourth-degree assault and second-degree harassment, respectively. They were each fined and gave up the guns used during the altercation with BLM protestors.

But, on Tuesday, August 3, Governor Parson officially pardoned the McCloskeys, although he did not share a statement about the decision.

Newsmax shared the news soon after it broke:

Mark McCloskey is now running for the US Senate and hopes this show of support from the governor will help. Understandably, this decision reminds Americans they do have the right to defend their homes. After all, a man’s home is his castle.

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