Gun Sales CHANGE – End Of An Era?

The Gun Sales Boom in America Is Over?

The Gun Sales Boom in America Is Over?

( – The COVID-19 pandemic changed nearly every aspect of modern American life, and gun sales were no exception. In the two years following the initial lockdowns and ensuing political unrest, experts saw enormous numbers of Americans heading to stores to purchase guns. However, according to a new report, the massive sales boom is starting to wane.

In October 2022, the FBI ran over one million background checks on Americans, many of which were trying to purchase firearms. Using the agency’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), experts predict retailers sold almost 1.3 million guns last month. This marks the 38th consecutive month of stores selling over a million firearms.

The National Shooting Sports Federation noted how this is an 11.3% decline year-on-year, but that is divided between handguns, which dropped just 10.2%, and long guns, which decreased a full 14.1%. However, despite the gun sales boom coming to a close, last month’s numbers were still up 25.9% from five years ago.

While people are beginning to slow their firearm purchases, gun sales are still elevated, and supply chains are still sluggish. So, the high prices and long wait times for specific items may stick around, despite the cooling demand. Of course, the midterm elections and future political debates and laws could also spike another gun boom in the near future as they have done in the past.

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