Gunman Opens Fire in NYC as Crime Spirals Out of Control

Gunman Opens Fire in NYC as Crime Spirals Out of Control

Gunman OPENS FIRE – The Location Is Horrifying

( – From being hit incredibly hard with the first wave of COVID-19 infections to draconian lockdowns, New York City residents have had a rough two years. Now, as some return to the office and others get on with their normal routine, they face another challenge: rising crime. The most recent evidence of this happened when a man was randomly shot on the subway without cause.

On Sunday, May 22, 48-year-old Daniel Enriquez was riding the Q train to Manhattan around 11:40 am when another subway passenger shot and killed him. The shooter fled the train when it arrived at Canal Street Station.

As of Monday night, the suspect was still at large, and NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell was tweeting security camera photos to the public in an attempt to crowdsource information about the alleged murderer.

Enriquez’s family spoke out against the rise of violence in the city, telling the New York Post that the “worst part” of the tragedy was that the murderer was “going to be out again,” referring to New York laws that have allowed some criminals back onto the street. Fox News shared more of the family’s thoughts:

Sadly, this is likely not the first or last death to occur on the New York subway as it came just over a month after a gunman opened fire in Brooklyn in April. Hopefully, police find the suspect soon, and the city will figure out a way to cut back on crime, especially on public transit.

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