Halloween Ad for Twix Candy Is Facing Outrage

Halloween Ad for Twix Candy Is Facing Outrage

(ConservativeInsider.org) – For years, Mars Inc. and its founders have avoided the spotlight by not making any political or social claims — until recently. The company that owns Twix, Snickers, M&Ms, and other popular candies just made a statement with its latest advertisement. The two-minute ad failed to actually showcase their candy; instead, it focuses its Halloween-themed video on Progressive ideals.

On Wednesday, October 27, Libs of TikTok shared Twix’s new ad which quickly sparked outrage on Twitter:

The ad begins with a new nanny seeming to teleport into a child’s house while his parents are not around. The young child is wearing a princess dress, and they soon head to the park to play. When another kid confronts the boy about his “weird” attire, the nanny, who chose to dress like a witch, brings a gush of wind from the sky, causing the second child to disappear.

Not only does this ad remove parents from the picture, but it pushes a transgender-friendly atmosphere that may even promote violence against those who disagree with their choices. Meanwhile, it completely forgets to advertise the merits of their candy. Understandably, this ad raised more questions and answers about Mars’ Inc. and its true agenda.

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