Harris Tweet on Ukraine May Have Played Right Into Russia’s Hands

Harris Tweet on Ukraine May Have Played Right Into Russia's Hands

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Every politician knows how carefully they must choose their words, and most have teams of speechwriters for such a task. One misstep can confuse millions of people or cause conflict between nations. Vice President Kamala Harris provided a textbook example of this type of mistake when she tweeted a phrase that people, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, could easily interpret as support for Ukraine joining NATO.

On Saturday, March 12, Harris spoke at the Democratic National Committee’s Winter Meeting in Washington, DC. During her speech, she declared, “The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in defense of the NATO Alliance.” These words seem to imply the US wants Ukraine to join the NATO bloc, which is exactly the action Putin does not want Ukraine to take. The implication would anger Putin, giving him more reason to continue his invasion of Ukraine, and potentially attack the US.

On Tuesday, March 15, the vice president’s personal Twitter account copied the phrase from her speech, quickly sparking backlash. At some point, the White House amended the official transcript from the Saturday event to include “and,” and Harris’ personal account took down the tweet before sending out the following, reflecting the White House’s changes:

For the Vice President of the United States to make such an egregious mistake in a speech was dangerous. By implying NATO support for Ukraine, a country not currently in the alliance, Harris may have stirred up Putin’s anger and easily endangered Americans worldwide. Hopefully, she understands what a dangerous faux pas this was, and she’ll take care not to let it happen again.

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