Has Russia Declared a Cyberwar on the US?

Has Russia Declared a Cyberwar on the US?

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The threat of cyberwar is something tech experts have been discussing for years. Russian hackers are often at the center of these discussions because of the sheer number of attacks they carry out on other nations and entities. As the world watches the Russian military bomb Ukraine while the US and NATO allies stay out of it to avoid a war, some experts believe the war has already begun, but in a nontraditional venue.

According to an article written by Charles Gasparino for the New York Post, Russia seems to have officially declared war on the US in cyberspace. When President Joe Biden’s administration announced sanctions on Russia, cyberattacks on the American banking system intensified. Bank executives told the Post the recent attacks are different from those they usually deal with; they are stronger and target their technological infrastructure.

While alleged Russian hackers try to cripple the financial industry, experts fear others are in danger, as well. Herb Lin, of Stanford’s Center for International Security and Cooperation, told the Post that he worries about critical infrastructure like water utility companies. According to 2021 reports, the US water system is already being targeted by unknown hackers. Could Russians be involved?

As for the banking system, executives have said there haven’t been any breaches. The billions of dollars they’ve invested in cyber security is paying off – for now.

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