Hawaii Governor Signs Bill to Limit Concealed Carry

(ConservativeInsider.org) – The arguments for and against gun control in the US go back and forth, with Democrats largely in favour of disarming the population – recent polls show the figure to be between 83 and 86 per cent in favour of more strict gun controls.

Republicans on the other hand, are largely in favour of leaving gun laws more or less unchanged, recognising that while a certain amount of gun control is necessary in order to stop the America of today returning to the Wild West, the 2nd Amendment remains an important bastion of freedom against tyranny – and there is also the argument that an armed society is fundamentally a polite society.

However, while Democrats still have a hand on the levers of political power, there is always the danger that emotions and feelings will take priority over a hard-headed assessment of objective reality – and so one should not be surprised to learn that Hawaii Governor Josh Green (D) has signed legislation that prohibits the concealed carrying of weapons in stadiums, on beaches, in movie theatres and in other public places.

The legislation also requires private businesses and other enterprises to post signs stating whether or not they allow guns to be carried for self-defence on their premises. In a perfect example of the law of unintended consequences, it thereby sends out a signal to potential criminals informing them of which businesses are likely to be easy targets due to a prohibition on legally owned firearms.

Whilst signing the legislation into law, Governor Green referred to his training as a medical doctor and his experience in treating the victims of gun violence. His views were echoed by another Democrat politician, State Rep. David Tarnas (D) who said that “it was important to maintain a safe and protected space in Hawaii”.

However, many Republicans would point to places like Chicago and say that the experience in most US cities demonstrates that draconian gun controls make an area less safe, not more.

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