Heartbreaking Poll Shows Trump Supporters Think Discrimination Getting Worse For Christians

Heartbreaking Poll Shows Trump Supporters Think Discrimination Getting Worse For Christians

(ConservativeInsider.org) – Leading up to the 2020 presidential election, Americans saw and experienced the vastly different viewpoints of both candidates and their supporters. Now, almost a year later, the University of Virginia Center for Politics is conducting polls to better understand the concerns of those who voted for former President Donald Trump versus those who voted for President Joe Biden. The results detailed some startling findings.

On Thursday, October 7, UVA’s Center for Politics teamed up with Project Home Fire to publish results from a late summer survey on immigration of 2,012 voters. The poll found that 84% of Trump voters either strongly or somewhat believe “Christianity is under attack in America today.” Conservatives also vastly believe they’ll pay more in taxes in the coming years as illegal immigrants continue to flood into the US, using healthcare, welfare, and education resources.

The Hill shared another aspect of Trump voters’ views:

In contrast, these fears don’t top the list of concerns for Biden voters. Rather, 91% of left-leaning Americans believe to some degree that “systemic racism in America is a real and serious problem,” compared to only 45% of Trump voters. Overwhelmingly, those Americans who voted for Biden care about social justice, while Trump supporters want to focus on protecting Christians and white people from discrimination.

The two major political parties currently hold vastly different views on freedom, religion, justice, taxes, immigration, and what makes America great. However, one truly beautiful part of the United States government is that it forces these groups to work together, despite their differences, to build a better country.

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