History Book Canceled for Being “Too White”

History Book Canceled for Being

(ConservativeInsider.org) – History books should, in theory, be written to cover facts as they happened and limit bias and modern political influence. But, one publisher just caved to the radical Left’s demands to increase black representation everywhere by canceling famed historian Richard Cohen’s new book, “The History Makers.”

According to the Guardian, Cohen’s new 780-page book did not pass current standards at Random House publishing. Allegedly, it didn’t speak enough about black historians and black history, even after the author added 18,000 words per their request to his already lengthy text. The book will still be published by Weidenfeld & Nicolson in the UK, but Cohen and his wife are currently seeking a new stateside publisher.

One astounded reader shared the news on Twitter:

Cohen, who wrote Chasing the Sun, notes that the book, which uses famous historians to cover nearly 2,500 years of world history, was canceled because of the “publisher’s sensitivities.” Perhaps, though, book publishers should be less sensitive to the “woke” movement and more sensitive to facts, history, and understanding the world as it is seen by people of every skin color.

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