How Your Apple Device Can Make You A Victim

How Your Apple Device Can Make You A Victim

( – Apple has long been known for coming out with innovative technology that works well and is incredibly user-friendly. However, in the spring of 2021, the company introduced the world to the AirTag: a quarter-sized device that users could attach to commonly lost objects, such as keys, to track them down whenever needed. However, these small devices have turned out to have another, very unsavory use.

In recent months, there have been a growing number of reports, mainly from women, of people stalking others by secretly placing AirTags in their possession. Those being followed are often alerted to this intrusion, as their iPhones will alert them that a device is following them around. One such person who fell victim to this is Naomi Dozier, whose ex-husband taped an AirTag in her son’s backpack to track the family’s every move, according to Vice.

Criminals have turned to AirTags for their stalking so much that two women are suing Apple over how easy their technology makes it for people to follow others. One of the plaintiffs believes her ex-boyfriend used the Apple-made device to track her movement by hiding one in her vehicle’s wheel well.

Thankfully, iPhones typically alert users if there is a device following them. If you receive this notification, immediately search your surroundings until you find the tiny AirTag. They are small enough to be hidden just about anywhere, so this is often quite a tricky task. However, by staying alert to such threats, people can minimize the effects of this sort of intrusive technology.

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