Human Urine Is Being Hailed as a Fertilizer Alternative

Human Urine Is Being Hailed as a Fertilizer Alternative

Human URINE Has A New Practical Use

( – Up until recent history, most people lived completely off of the land around them, often trading with neighboring communities for items they did not have. With this, people often figured out ways to reuse things in order to benefit another area of their life, including human waste. Now, scientists are researching the best way to use urine to fertilize crops. Of course, they also have to help society accept the fact doing such a thing is a good idea.

Most plants need a decent amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to grow — which commercial fertilizers provide. When a person eats crops or meat with these elements, their body uses what it needs and then processes out any excess as waste. Understanding this, researchers at the University of Michigan have teamed up with scientists at the Rich Earth Institute in Vermont, as well as other universities, to research how to use urine as fertilizer.

This idea isn’t new. In 2016, the program received a $3 million grant from the government to explore the technology necessary to make this work and how to get the culture to accept such an idea.

If you want to try this at home, farmers recommend diluting the urine with water before drenching the soil near your crops with it. They also advise making sure it doesn’t touch the leaves or stems and waiting at least a month before eating the fruit or vegetable if you will eat them raw. Obviously, more steps would be needed if this took place on an industrial scale.

Is this the future of fertilizers in America, or is this idea just too strange in our modern era?

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