Hunter Biden Art Sales Suddenly Halted

Hunter Biden Art Sales Suddenly Halted

( – When President Joe Biden’s son Hunter first started out making art, many Americans questioned his latest career move by highlighting his lack of training or previous work in the field. Yet, the often-scandaled president’s son went on to plan two gallery openings in Los Angeles and New York City. However, after a questionable start, organizers postponed the New York show until next spring — or later.

From the start of Hunter’s artistic venture, the White House defended the ethics of the art sales, highlighting that the gallery would keep buyers anonymous to minimize anyone trying to buy their way into the Biden family’s good graces. But, this is in stark contrast to Joe Biden’s promise to bring “transparency” to the presidential family. Additionally, many art critics raised eyebrows at the up to $500,000 price tag of some pieces, highlighting how large they are for a budding artist.

When news broke that the Georges Berges Gallery in LA sold at least five prints of Hunter Biden’s artwork before it opened on October 1, it raised many red flags. Former White House chief ethics lawyer Richard Painter emphasized that with Hunter’s attendance at his gallery opening, “this veil-of-secrecy idea is not happening.”

DC Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy shared more about the artwork and its future:

So far, neither the gallery nor the White House has disclosed who the buyers are or how they’re vetting them. Nor has it revealed the lawyers in charge of the process. Yet, photos from the LA opening show at least one political-appointee hopeful, current LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, in attendance at the event. The show clearly triggered multiple ethical questions about who is involved and what is happening with Hunter’s art venture, which could have contributed to the postponement of the New York show.

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