Hunter Biden Cashes In on Father’s Influence With New Book

Hunter Biden Cashes In on Father's Influence With New Book

( – Joe Biden continually pushes the narrative that no one in his family has benefitted from his previous political offices. Nor will they benefit from the fact that he’s now President of the United States. But, the past few weeks have shown that’s simply not true. The latest family move involves Biden’s son, Hunter, publishing a tell-all memoir just weeks after his father was inaugurated.

Biden Says He Will Keep Family and Politics Separate

On February 3, People Magazine published an interview where reporter Sandra Westfall asked Joe Biden if he would be “putting up guardrails for family” to avoid any “wrongdoing.” To this, Biden replied that no family members would take part in “any government undertaking or foreign policy.”

However, this optimistic statement comes after Biden has continually denied any involvement with Hunter Biden’s shady overseas business dealings during the Obama-Biden administration. In addition, Joe’s younger brother Frank exploited their relationship to advertise his Florida law firm in an ad on Inauguration Day.

Hunter Biden Continues to Use His Father’s Fame for Profit

While Hunter’s drug addiction and salacious exploits were frequently questioned on the campaign trail, he will be sharing his battle with substance abuse and other addictions in a new book.

Gallery Books announced that it will be publishing Hunter Biden’s memoir, titled “Beautiful Things,” on April 6, 2021. Hunter describes the book as a look into his family’s tragedies and their “remarkable, unbreakable love.”

The White House Says the Book Is Strictly Personal

Reporters asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki if the book was being reviewed by federal officials before publication. She replied that it’s “a personal book about his own personal journey,” choosing to take the route that there is nothing political about Hunter’s latest stunt.

Some people will choose to see Hunter’s memoir simply as a middle-aged man sharing his struggles with the world. But, when we take into account Hunter’s history of using his father’s name to move up in the world, this is obviously just his latest way to profit off of his father’s position.

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