Hunter Biden Named As an Owner in Chinese Firm

Hunter Biden Named As an Owner in Chinese Firm

( – During a 2019 campaign stop in Iowa, then-candidate Joe Biden said his family would never work for foreign companies if he were president. That seemed like a bold statement to make, considering his son Hunter Biden’s many business dealings outside of the US. It looks like the POTUS broke his promise.

In November, Hunter’s lawyer Chris Clark told the New York Times the president’s son was not directly or indirectly invested in the Chinese government-linked investment firm BHR Partners. According to Clark, the younger Biden’s firm, Skaneateles LLC, previously owned a 10% stake in the Chinese company. According to a new report by the Washington Examiner, that wasn’t true.

China’s National Credit Information Publicity System business records still show Skaneateles is a 10% owner in BHR Partners.

BHR isn’t just any foreign investment. It is partly owned by the Bank of China, meaning the president’s son has an investment in a Chinese government-backed firm, and he has lied about giving it up. The information comes as China is becoming increasingly more aggressive with the West.

The Examiner reported the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs’ online business registry shows Skaneateles’ registry listed as “revoked.” The company hasn’t paid its $300 “reinstatement fee.”

Unsurprisingly, the president’s son’s lawyers aren’t discussing why China still lists his firm as an investor in a company partly owned by the Chinese government months after saying he divested from it.

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