Ilhan Omar Asks Biden to Stop Holding Schools Accountable

Ilhan Omar Asks Biden to Stop Holding Schools Accountable

( – Schools are made to strengthen the next generation and prepare children for their futures. Through healthy competition and tackling challenges head-on, students learn their strengths and weaknesses, and standardized tests help them learn what’s expected of them. But, some Democrats are hoping to abandon the academic testing this year, leaving many students disadvantaged when they’re sent off into the real world.

Ilhan Omar Asks Biden to Suspend Academic Testing

On Wednesday, March 10, House Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) joined with Representative Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) and four others to call on President Joe Biden and the Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona to suspend standardized tests.

The six Democrats sent a letter to Cardona, urging the Secretary to give states a waiver to avoid federal testing this school year, saying that “the harms will outweigh the benefits.” Their reasoning lies in prioritizing student’s “emotional well-being” and giving them more class time, rather than trying to fit testing into what’s left of the school year.

No Standardized Testing Means Lowered Expectations

Standardized tests provide every school, student, and teacher with benchmarks for success. Of course, there’s always a spectrum of scores, and thus the tests will display the strengths and weaknesses of every student and school. But, being able to observe these scores is key to ensuring students are receiving a decent education and understand what’s being asked of them.

The Left’s “squad” is trying to avoid the potential of failure for these children by waiving the tests, when doing so will only lower expectations of the students and thus weaken our entire nation.

Democrats Use Poverty as the Reason to Ban Testing

The Democrats hoping to suspend the federal tests cited that minority students have struggled the most with virtual schooling, and pushing standardized tests on them would simply “compound the existing youth mental health crisis.” Nudging the topic even further, the letter declared the tests could bring “further psychological harm” and have “serious long-term consequences.”

These are harsh words being flung at a few standardized tests used to see if students are receiving a quality education and to provide a benchmark for them to rise to. Contrary to what the Left is spouting, these tests will give teachers, students, and administrators a better picture of just what did — or didn’t — happen in school this year, so hopefully, each child can get the help they need.

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