Ilhan Omar Deletes Tweet Showing She Doesn’t Know How Much the Bill Will Cost

Ilhan Omar Deletes Tweet Showing She Doesn't Know How Much the Bill Will Cost

( – Since President Joe Biden first spoke about his Build Back Better campaign, Americans have been wondering how he would pay for all its proposed changes. Many lawmakers speculated about how much it would cost and where that money would come from. But, while talking about this bill, House Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MI) showed her inability to understand US finances when it comes to politics and big federal spending.

On Monday, October 4, Representative Omar tweeted a breakdown of the annual wealth of US billionaires versus what she believed to be the cost of the Build Back Better Act. According to ProPublica, her initial tweet said the former was $3.65 trillion and the proposed spending bill would cost $350 million per year. About an hour later, Omar corrected her second number to $350 billion.

One American called Omar out on her deception:

Lawmakers have extreme power over the financial state of the United States, and Americans want to have confidence that those who represent them understand the enormous numbers they’re working with. Omar’s clear lack of knowledge on this subject does not instill confidence in her ability to make decisions for this nation. Rather, it shows her complete inability to understand the costs of her party’s proposed bills.

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