Incorrect Census Count Admitted by the Bureau!

Incorrect Census Count Admitted by the Bureau!

Incorrect Census Count Admitted by the Bureau!

( – Every 10 years, the US government attempts to count each American living in every state and the District of Columbia. However, this endeavor is not an easy or exact one, although the counts are typically close each time. But, when COVID-19 hit our shores in 2020, it changed many things, including the ease of doing a census and where millions of people lived. Now, experts admit the latest census was quite wrong in its estimation in many states.

Back in May, the US Census Bureau admitted its Post-Enumeration Survey revealed 14 states had a statistically significant under- or over-count in their population numbers. The following are the states which reported fewer people than they actually had:

  • Arkansas (-5.04%)
  • Florida (-3.48%)
  • Illinois (-1.97%)
  • Mississippi (-4.11%)
  • Tennessee (-4.78%)
  • Texas (-1.92%)

One reporter shared a screenshot of the states whose populations the census overestimated:

Most of the states under-reported were conservative, while most of the states over-reported leaned Democrat. This may have caused them to gain or lose spots in the House.

In a statement to Just the News, Representative Troy Nehls (R-TX) declared the poorly done census “cheated” his state out of a seat in the lower chamber of Congress. He vowed to use his congressional authority to investigate the under-count and “ensure this doesn’t happen again.”

While the Census Bureau noted this survey would help them revamp its data collection in 2030, other lawmakers could join Nehls to see what can be done about the botched 2020 census and the resulting congressional numbers.

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