Institutional Voter Fraud by Democrats More Likely in 2024 Than Ever Before

( – The Republican National Committee (RNC) is testing a new voter integrity process in time for the 2024 elections. Unfortunately, it is likely to miss over 90% of institutional voter fraud. This is because the Republicans are focused on improving their ballot harvesting and ignoring the myriad of other ways that an election can be stolen.

The infrastructure required for successful election fraud is multi-faceted and multi-layered. It’s not just about ballot harvesting and mail-in ballots.

Take the example of governmental election commissions. Data from elections in swing states has been illegally altered, voter rolls have been illegally changed, and left-leaning officials and sympathisers have been given illegal access to voter rolls.

The technology in current use by the RNC can’t see any of that. But it gets worse – US Government agencies are actively undermining federal elections. Postal workers have described how they discriminate against loose mail-in ballots in their tens of thousands at election time. Republican-area ballots are thrown into the trash, and only Democrat-area ballots are left in play.

Democrats are also skilled in ballot engineering – which is defined as manufacturing the ballots needed, monitoring data from the election commission in real time, and subsequently filling in the ballots required to win.

Democrat-area voter rolls, when compared against the corresponding property tax rolls, show a similar pattern. Registrations increase exponentially up to six months before the election, with voters mysteriously disappearing afterwards.

This includes large numbers of voters who register at premises with no bedrooms or at addresses that don’t exist. Up to 18 per cent of voters in swing states show such anomalies.

Worse still, left-leaning District Attorneys and the courts will simply ignore any legal challenges, whilst election fraud denial is a standard narrative for the media.

If the RNC do not catch up with institutional voter fraud by 2024 and rely solely on improving their ballot-harvesting – a process akin to re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic – the outcome will be worse than in 2020.

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