Internet Freedom Slowly Vanishing Worldwide, Watchdog Group Finds

Internet Freedom Slowly Vanishing Worldwide, Watchdog Group Finds

( – Few can deny the internet is an amazing invention, allowing users to send information across the world with the click of a button. Yet, it seems the freedom surrounding it is waning, leaving many concerned about its future if nothing changes.

Freedom House, a democracy watchdog organization based in Washington, DC, just released a report outlining how freedom on the internet has declined for the 11th year in a row. Of the 70 countries studied, the US ranked 12th in overall internet freedom and declined for the 5th consecutive year. The report believes this is due to “false, misleading, and manipulated information” spreading online while Big Tech companies subdued freedom of expression on their platforms. The study emphasized that “state intervention must protect human rights online and preserve an open internet.”

The Hill was the first news outlet to share the report:

The report also shared information about authoritarian governments surveilling users, cracking down on what they share, and even jailing those who go against the government rules. Unsurprisingly, China ranked as the worst country when it comes to internet freedom for the seventh consecutive year.

With so much false information circulating on the internet and outdated regulation laws in most nations, how are the United States and its citizens supposed to move forward? Americans must seek out uncensored news, where facts, figures, and truth prevail over the latest fear-mongering story.

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