Interview With CDC Director Was Doctored to Remove Key Elements, Report Finds

Interview With CDC Director Was Doctored to Remove Key Elements, Report Finds

( – Interviews with politicians and policymakers can give key insight into how the government operates. However, that assumes the broadcast interactions are honest, straightforward, and not edited to skew what was truly said. Right now, Good Morning America is taking flack for airing an edited version of an interview with Center for Disease Control (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky when she talked about deaths from COVID-19.

Unpacking Walensky’s January 7 Interview

On Friday, January 7, a Good Morning America host asked Dr. Walensky about whether the government is starting to “rethink” how the United States is living with the coronavirus, noting it is “potentially here to stay.” In the originally aired response, Walensky said that among the “overwhelming number of deaths, over 75% occurred in people who had at least 4 comorbidities.” This implied that of all the deaths from COVID-19, over three-quarters were already unhealthy in some capacity.

However, on Monday, January 10, Good Morning America posted an extended cut of the interview, where the footage makes it clear that the 75% comorbidity statistic only applied to a certain study.

Walensky Actually Referred to a Study of Vaccinated People

It turns out, Walensky’s data came from a study of 1.2 million vaccinated people, where death occurred in only 0.003% of people who had their primary COVID vaccine series. Of this minuscule amount of deaths, over 75% had 4 or more comorbidities.

CNN reporter Daniel Dale highlighted the differences in the two aired interviews:

Either way, sharing these numbers out of context is incredibly dangerous for any government official or news organization to do. Thankfully, others have been helping fill in the gaps.

COVID Deaths and Comorbidities

Chris Martenson, Ph.D., used CDC’s own data from July 2021 to share the actual deaths caused by the coronavirus among people with comorbidities. He shared his results on Twitter:

According to the above information, 64.2% of COVID-19 deaths were in people with over 6 comorbidities, and 96.5% of deaths were in people with more than 2 comorbidities. This leaves only 3.5% of deaths in people with 0 or 1 other illness. That’s a stark difference from the numbers aired by Walensky and GMA.

The way Good Morning America edited Walensky’s interview, combined with the fact the CDC did not ask them to publicly correct or apologize for it, shows how these organizations are still trying to use fear to motivate Americans to “stop the spread.” It’s time for America to acknowledge actual data and statistics and stop skewing narratives to push a political agenda.

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