Iran Celebrating As It Anticipates Weak Joe Biden Presidency

Iran Celebrating As It Anticipates Weak Joe Biden Presidency

( – President Donald Trump’s intense sanctions against Iran have caused quite the disruption to its economy and regime. But, as the likelihood of a Joe Biden presidency increases, Iranian leaders begin making bold claims against their enemies, hopeful to find little resistance from the United States come January.

On Sunday, November 22, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khateebzadeh said that if anyone were to “disrupt” their troops in Syria, his country’s response “will be a crushing one.” This comment came after Israel sent eight airstrikes against the Syrian Army and Iranian Quds Forces because they found explosives near their border on Tuesday, November 17.

Meanwhile, the United Against Nuclear Iran reports on other actions Iran is taking:

Iran’s Permanent Representative to International Organizations, Kazem Gharibabadi, told the country’s state-controlled news agency that their “nuclear activities are peaceful.” However, many experts are doubtful about that.

Most likely, Iran is looking forward to a weak US presidency where they can enter back into the nuclear deal that removes sanctions against it. This would bring prosperity back to this malign regime in the Middle East, bringing a whole new set of uncertainties into the coming year.

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