Iran Oil Sales to China Skyrocket

Iran Oil Sales to China Skyrocket

( – US-imposed sanctions against Iran have crippled the nation’s economy, pushing it to the brink of collapse. However, the Middle Eastern country continued to stay afloat by skirting these sanctions by selling crude oil to China, Russia, Syria, Venezuela, and others. Now, new research shows Iran is increasing its exports exponentially in an attempt to keep funds coming in.

On Monday, November 1, United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) published findings from its monitoring of Iran’s oil tanker fleet. The oversight group disclosed that over the past 11 months, the number of foreign vessels suspected of transporting the crude oil against US sanctions has increased from 70 to 149, allowing the country to export more oil than ever before.

Human rights activist Nasrin Saifi shared the news on Twitter:

UANI dubbed this operation a “ghost armada,” as Iran uses a variety of tactics to subvert sanctions and oversight during its illegal trading. According to UANI, one single ghost armada vessel can easily bring in a profit of $91,000 to the corrupt Iranian regime in just six months. Yet, President Joe Biden and his Cabinet seem to be ignoring this huge sanction violation, potentially in hopes of bringing Iran back to the negotiating table for the nuclear deal. However, if this collusion continues unchecked, it could skew world power again in China and Iran’s favor.

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