Ireland Weighs Major Cattle Kill Off to Meet Climate Target

( – The European Union (EU), an unelected body of power-hungry bureaucrats whose greed and corruption is surpassed only by an insatiable appetite for virtue-signalling and political correctness, has long had a reputation for advancing absolutely batshit crazy ideas that would, if allowed to come anywhere near fruition, have disastrous consequences for mankind.

It has strong-armed member states into advancing policies that are against their national interest, by threatening to withhold funds and subsidies unless they demonstrate total compliance with EU diktats. For example, the Netherlands, which is one of the biggest food producers in Europe, has been told that it must close down a large proportion of its farms in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Dutch farmers are rightly up in arms over this, pointing out that “no farmers” means “no food”.

Now the dairy industry in Ireland is under threat, with the Irish government seriously considering the slaughter of 200,000 cattle to meet climate change targets over the next three years. The Environmental Protection Agency has claimed that over 38 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland are due to the agriculture industry, a figure that is more than double the 18 per cent attributed to the transportation and freight industry.

Pat McCormack, President of the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association, said that such a scheme would be hugely problematic for those farmers who have taken on a huge financial commitment on the basis of previously stated government policies. He added that although the reduction of emissions should be taken into consideration, the industry should be allowed to invest in further scientific research to determine the best way forward, rather than to have unworkable quotas imposed on them by climate change zealots.

The numbers of cattle in Ireland have risen by 40 per cent to 1.6 million over the past decade – but are only at the same level now as they were 30 years ago, when bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) devastated the agricultural industry.

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