IRS Agents Are Being Trained To Use Violence in Suburban Homes

IRS Agents Are Being Trained To Use Violence in Suburban Homes

Secret IRS “Training” Revealed – It’s Downright Horrifying

( – When most people think of the employees of the IRS, they envision them sitting behind a computer all day, auditing taxpayers to ensure the federal government gets all the money it is legally supposed to receive from its citizens. However, it seems that’s not all these federal workers do. A new job posting for agents in the IRS’ Criminal Investigations unit has caused quite the stir lately after it first noted recruits must “be willing to use deadly force,” according to the New York Post.

Various news outlets report that the IRS Special Agent job description first highlighted applicants must be willing to kill someone. However, after pushback, the latest description simply highlights the applicant has to “effectively respond to life-threatening situations on the job” and be “willing and able” to handle a variety of dangerous assignments.

According to the IRS’ 2021 Annual Report, the IRS’ Special Agents do go through extensive training with firearms, use of force, and building entry.

All this is happening as the federal agency looks forward to a major budget boost from Congress in the coming weeks. Democrats believe the new IRS funding will help the agency crackdown on tax evasion by the rich, but many Americans are concerned it will focus more so on the middle class. What do you think?

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